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Paradise Gift Set:


The 2-tiers Paradise Gift Set is a stylish & upmarket wooden gift set that exudes an air of finest and luxury. The recipient of this high-end gift set will be highly impressed by your thoughtfulness and taste. This gift set has a whopping selection of 22 types of delicious Chinese New Year Cookies.

The first layer consists of :–
Pineapple Balls;
Mulberry Pineapple Balls;
Spicy Fish Crackers;
Belgium Chocolate Cookies;
Shrimp Rolls;
Hazelnut Cookies;
Coffee Cookies;
Kueh Bangkit Cookies;
Mixed Nuts Cookies;
Cranberry Almond Cookies;

The second layer consists of:-
Mixed Nuts Crisps;
Rainbow Meringue;
Macadamia Tarts;
Almond Crisps;
Green Peas Cookies;
Roasted Peanut Cookies;
Hazelnut Mocha Coffee Cookies;
Almond Shield Cookies;
Black Sesame Peanut Cookies;
Durian Cookies;
Cornflakes Cookies;
Oat Nestum Cookies.